Please wait for system event notification service

This is a very nasty error which happens from time to time on Windows 2008 R2 machines.
A user tries to logon to the machine via RDP, or perform a logout. The screen he sees is hanging with the following message:

Please wait for system event notification service

Of course, one solution is to reboot the machine.

What if it is not possible due to certain reasons?

You can read a lot about it on the web, but none of the solutions was suitable for me.

The first option is to go to run services.msc and try to restart the „System Event Notification Service„. In my case it failed with a message, that the service could not be restarted because it did not respond in a timely fashion.

Last resort, a bit hardcore, but working:

  1. On the machine, run the command prompt as an administrator
  2. type sc queryex sens
  3. you’ll get some properties, including the process ID (PID), e.g. 123.
  4. Now you can kill the process with following command: taskkill /PID 123 , using the PID from previous step
  5. You should get a message „SUCCESS: The process with PID 123 has been terminated.
  6. If it still does not work, use the force parameter, like this: taskkill /PID 123 /F
  7. Then, go back to services list, and start the System Event Notification Service

Hope it helps.

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